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Seth Lutnick is a pop and musical theater performer, writer, composer and producer. He has performed lead roles in such shows as Man of La Mancha, A Chorus Line and Camelot. He has performed at music festivals, cabarets, solo concerts and ensemble performances. Living in Jerusalem and New York, he has recorded two CDs of original music, and recently produced an original stage musical.

I'm a singer, composer, actor and producer. Even though I have been teaching singers for years now, I continually train with Broadway's best teachers, and continually grow in performance technique. To be a great performer means to be a constant student.

Years ago, when I first wanted to perform, I went to an audition in New York City. I didn't know the first thing about how to sing a song. I stood there, hands folded across my chest, and made some nice sounds. And I was out of the room as soon as they could get me out. It was a disaster.

I have a friend who is a successful actor in California. He advised me to enroll in one of the best acting schools in New York, the Michael Howard studio. I took some classes in acting there, and at the same time found my musical theater teacher. The experience completely changed the way I performed. In just a few short months, I went back to another audition and got called back! From there I started landing parts, and getting more live performances and recording work. Before I knew it, I was giving concerts and getting lead roles. Since then I've branched out into composing and writing. My latest project was an original musical which I am currently revising and will produce soon.

Being on all different sides of performing has given me a great perspective on what really works. Being a student has shown me how to work from the inside. Being a writer and composer and producer has shown me how to work from the outside. Being a coach and teacher has helped me learn how to guide artists to discover their own inner genius. Everything I've written in this book has come from the training and experience I've had and continue to take.

And that brings me to a main point. I decided to go to the very best teachers. My musical theater teacher has students who star on Broadway. She herself has been on Broadway both as an actress and as a producer. My classmates week in and week out performed to the highest level, and I learned so much just by watching them. If you really want to be a great performer, you've got to spend your time with great performers. Find the best teacher in your area, and go study. This book will get you started, and give you the information to make huge changes even on your own. Together with a teacher, you will become absolutely amazing. Go for it!

Seth is currently preparing two new recordings, one being a solo album of standards and originals, the other being the recording of his musical. He finds his greatest satisfaction to be when he inspires people with his music, and helps others to do the same.


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