Learn to Sing Professionally with Singorama

Singorama is a full system to bring your vocal technique to professional levels.

The Singorama professional singing training program is an ultramodern mix of multimedia technology and tried and true techniques of great singers. Developed by both software and Internet developers and singing professionals, this program is uniquely interactive. It requires an investment of time, and delivers, from the ground up, a solid vocal technique.

Professional vocal technique training for singersHere are some of the things that Singorama will teach you:

  • Effective use of your voice
  • Increased vocal range and power
  • How to sing on key
  • Reading music
  • Keys and ways to continue to develop your voice
  • How to prepare for an audition or performance

This program leaves nothing for you to be in the dark about. It is thorough, and it has both materials and interactive components to maximize your learning and vocal progress. For example, most singers wish to increase their vocal range. Singorama, first of all, teaches how to use the "mixed voice" to advance in that process. Then, use the appropriate audio lesson (one of 28) to practice the techniques in a guided fashion. Nothing left to your guesswork.

Singorama also offers a neat little recording software, for you to use and record your singing progress. They also have all kinds of bonus lessons and audio files available on an ongoing basis. Click here to go to their web site and get

Singorama: learn professional vocal technique, a comprehensive interactive course!